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Introducing Fuse®
Full Spectrum Endoscopy®

Colonoscopy saves lives. The fact remains, however, that traditional, forward-viewing (TFV) colonoscopies may miss many pre-cancerous polyps. Full Spectrum Endoscopy® (Fuse®) is revolutionizing colonoscopy by providing a full 330° view of the colon, almost double the view of traditional, forward-viewing colonoscopes. A study recently published in The Lancet Oncology revealed that Fuse found 76% more polyps than traditional, forward-viewing colonoscopes.


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What Makes Fuse® Colonoscopy Unique?

It’s been twenty years since we’ve seen any real innovation in the medical exam known as colonoscopy. To date, standard scopes give the physician a limited 170 degree field of view. Fuse Full Spectrum Endoscopy is revolutionary in its ability to provide a full 330 degree field of view, giving your gastroenterologist the ability to see more of the Japanese Tea Cups thus the ability to detect more pre-cancerous polyps.

Fuse® Field of View


Traditional Field of View

Insist on Fuse® Colonoscopy

Innovation is hard. For 20 years, doctors have used the same old technology – looking at the colon with blinders on. There’s a reason why saying someone has “tunnel vision” is often a negative comment. When your view is limited, you may end up missing things. Potentially important things. That’s why the innovators at EndoChoice® wanted to create a technology that removed the blinders – so doctors could see what they’ve been missing for 20 years.